Multnomah County Commissioners – Districts 1, 3 and 4: Write in ‘Hobo McStabby’

Seriously, MultCo, no one filed to run against Sharon Meieran, Jessica Vega Pederson and Lori Stegmann?! Perhaps all hope for Stabtown truly is lost. These three are working hard to keep Portland stabby. They have utterly failed to address the homelessness crisis in any serious way, only throwing money at nonprofits that facilitate people living on the streets and ruining our community over actually helping them. These are the people who killed Wapato as a public homeless services and housing center.

So, with no viable alternatives (technically Meieran has an opponent, but he’s not viable), we endorse a write-in. At least send a message that MultCo needs better than these three. We suggest writing in ‘Hobo McStabtown.’