Metro Councilors

We wouldn’t have thought we really had to endorse in Metro races. Go run the zoo and the convention center, or whatever. Then Metro decided that it needed to be introduce an ill-advised tax to fund homeless advocates and affordable housing bullies. So here we are, and the pickings are slim.

District 5: Mary Nolan

Make sure you don’t vote for Cameron Whitten. Remember that smarmy brown-noser in high school who was on the student council and talked a big game but never really did anything? That’s Whitten. Whitten has been hovering on the fringes of Portland politics for years without doing much other than kiss ass. Now he’s running for Metro with a vacuous platform meant to appeal to a liberal electorate.

We know Cameron, and let us warn you that he’d be horrible in office. When he’s not playing to the polls, he’ll push an agenda of keeping stabbers on the streets. He’ll support funding for his buddies in the homeless advocacy community and not accomplish anything to help the tri-county area.

The other candidates offer a hodgepodge of Portland’s worst progressive instincts. If you really feel like you need to vote for someone, go with Mary Nolan. She at least has a lot of experience and is less flaky than some of the others. And she’ll keep Whitten out of office.

District 6: Leigha LaFleur

This is another anti-endorsement. Bob Stacey, the incumbent, will continue the status quo, including the Metro overreach with the homelessness measure. He deserves a boot for that, so vote for his opponent Leigha LaFleur. She’ll be awful, but Stabtown’s elected officials need to learn that sometimes there are consequences for making stupid decisions.

Mary Nolan

Leigha LaFleur